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It Works on my Machine: Xcode Build Architecture Only Setting

Xcode Build Settings has a Build Active Architecture Only for every project/target.  It’s useful when getting a performance gain while debugging. YES – If set to yes, then Xcode will detect the device that is connected, and determine the architecture, and build on just that architecture alone. NO – If set to no, then it will build on all the architectures. If there’s no problem, setting to YES will make building faster.  During debug mode this is perfectly fine.  In release mode not so much.  Unless you know the kind of devices that will be used to run your app Read more


Black Women in Tech On Social Media

Background released an infographic with some great information about 185 black women in tech on Twitter.  The hard truth is that it took her a while to get this list.  I am honored to be mentioned on the list and I am ready to help to increase the social media presence of black women in tech.  Let’s all continue to help bridge the divide.  If you are looking for me on this list, check out the coders/software engineers/hackers section.  🙂 I made it to my first list!  Read her blog post and watch the video to gain more insight about Read more

Cert Manager

Certificate Renewal using C++

Background It’s February and I just realized that we have a certificate that we must renew by the beginning of March.   This certificate was not an internally CA (certificate authority) issued code signing certificate.  It was a general click once like generated certificate that we use for encryption.  Guess what…I did not generate the certificate either!  The person long left the company.  I went through a SSL consultation with our corporate department and was told that we had to issue a new certificate and I did not have an option to renew.  I decided to research this further since I figured Read more


SQLite Annoying Error – Unable to open the database file

Issue SQLite is a great way to distribute data to applications in order to integrate with different platforms locally.  Client/server SQL database engines strive to implement a shared repository of enterprise data. They emphasize scalability, concurrency, centralization, and control. SQLite strives to provide local data storage for individual applications and devices. SQLite emphasizes economy, efficiency, reliability, independence, and simplicity.  I love it!  The problem is I don’t really appreciate the lack of documentation when I encounter an issue. I had my first issue with attempting to open a SQLite database using a UNC file path in .NET.  I kept getting “Unable Read more


Read an Excel File in .NET using EPPlus

Background I had a need to read an Excel file in my data access layer for a WCF service.  I wanted to ensure that I can read the data from the Excel file without the need of any Office drivers etc. to be installed on the web server.  New office versions (since 2007) use XML in excel files.  According to MSDN, the new formats improve file and data management, data recovery, and interoperability with line-of-business systems. They extend what is possible with the binary files of earlier versions. Any application that supports XML can access and work with data in the Read more


Quick Tip: iPad Screen Share on Mac

Background We give demos on a co-located team using Skype for Business often.  I’ve had people ask me a few times about the best way to share your iPad screen from your Mac.  Sometimes we have blockers that don’t allow us to successfully share the simulator.  We also want to give our demos are realistic feel.  I know…there are a lot of options out there.  The most straightforward way I know is to use QuickTime. How do I share my iPad screen using QuickTime? Connect your iPad to your Mac.  On your Mac, open up the QuickTime application.  Go to File => Read more


Day and a life of a Technical Lead

Background Leading a development team is no easy task. An effective Tech Lead establishes a technical vision with the development team and works with developers to turn it into reality. Along the way, a Tech Lead takes on traits that other roles may have, such as a Team Lead, Architect or Software Engineering Manager but they remain hands-on with code. Technical leads do a lot.  It is an awesome job to watch others grow, learn new skills, code, enforce best practices, do code reviews and assist with the SDLC process.  I always try to challenge myself to try to learn how to do Read more


Safari Viewport Changes in iOS 9

Background I noticed a while back that when I upgraded my devices to iOS 9 that my viewport scaling for my site was off in Safari.  What do I mean exactly?  I mean the page would show in the left hand corner with the wrong scale.  There goes my responsive design for my site.  How frustrating!!!  It works in every other browser and no changes were made to the site.  Web developers I know you can relate.  Let the research begin. Example below.  Yikes! What did the iOS 9 upgrade do to the mobile browser? Apparently you all should ensure Read more


iOS Enterprise Apps – Untrusted Enterprise Developer Message

Background It’s December 4th and I just helped a team deploy an internal iOS application into our Airwatch production environment.  We all were able to perform post production testing and everything seems ok.  Normally we test the initial upgrade process and we uninstall and reinstall the application to verify that everything works as expected. After the testing a communication was sent out to the users to install the application.  This particular application will target about 5500+ users at our company.  We started to get reports about an Untrusted Enterprise Developer message even though we sign our Enterprise apps and use a MDM (mobile Read more


DirectoryServices AccountManagement ForeignSecurityPrincipal Adventure

While attempting to create code for is user in role check recursively I noticed that it was super slow and will eventually error out. The error I received is: An error (87) occurred while enumerating the groups. The group’s SID could not be resolved. After digging further I noticed a mention of ForeignSecurityPrincipal reference. The active directory forest/domain I use includes trusts of an outside forest/domain as sub groups. Apparently the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement class does not support retrieving foreign security principal objects into GroupPrincipal objects. Microsoft provided the following information about the foreign security principals. This is a class of objects Read more