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About Me

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My name is Emmie Lewis-Briggman and I am a software developer. I am in love with the Microsoft .NET stack and spend most of my development time on that. I used to work for a Nuclear Fuel plant as a Lead Programmer Analyst and I was also a SharePoint developer for many years.  SharePoint seems to follow me everywhere I go as an Enterprise developer.  I am now a Lead IT Application Analyst (Mobile/Technical Lead) at Duke Energy in the Nuclear Generation department.  I am also a graduate student. I love software! It’s always changing, growing and evolving. It is never boring or mundane.  I have 5 kids (yes I said 5 kids) and I love software design. I run online groups on Facebook called Dev Circle and One ASP.NET Programmers. I love to read and I wish I could be a writer but I am afraid the grammar police will come to get me. I love to attend conferences (Tech Ed, Visual Studio Live etc.) so link up with me on Twitter just in case I am going to one. I wish I had more to type here but I don’t. In my many years of life I have not acquired many hobbies. My main activities include my 5 kids, husband, graduate school, an online group and experimenting with new things.  You can catch me on GitHub, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Feel free to reach out to me if you want to collaborate.  Happy coding and welcome to my blog!
Anant Vispute

Dear Mam,
Your work is quite remarkable just keep it up. As you passionate about programming its really motivational for others. All the best for your future.

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